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Minutes of Horndean Camera Club AGM 18/4/18

Minutes of the AGM of the Horndean Camera Club

Wednesday 18th April 2018
At Catherington Village Hall

The meeting opened at 19:45.
  • Apologies.

    David Griffiths, Mike Parry, Derek Butt, Mike Burt, Mike Woolcock, Steve Woolcock, Phil Dentten,
    Terry Duggan, Carole Mahoney, Pat Beeching, Melanie Thorne, Julia Moulton & Janette Britain.

  • Minutes of the AGM, April 2016 and matters arising.

    There were no matters arising. Malcolm Curd proposed they be accepted. Seconded by Stewart England.
  • Reports

    • Chairman’s Report.

      Geoff Lambert read out his report a summary of which was also projected on the screen.. (See Appendix 1)

    • Treasurer’s Report.

      His report was projected on screen and explained by Andrew Forbes. Proposed by Claude Trew & seconded by Richard Veitch. (Appendix 2 not available)

    • Internal Competitions Secretary’s Report.

      Read out by Geoff Lambert on behalf of Claude Trew. (See Appendix 3)

    • Database Administrator’s Report

      Philip Trew presented his own report. (See Appendix 4)

    • External Competition’s Secretary’s Report.

      Tony Hart presented his own report. (See Appendix 5).

    • Programme Secretary’s Report.

      Richard Veitch presented this year’s program report & also demonstrated how the programme is put together. (See Appendix 6 )

  • Election of Officers.

    • Chairman

      Geoff Lambert displayed the current position regarding the committee members and the positions which were vacant.
      He said that he was standing down as Chairman & said that Richard Veitch has volunteered to take over the role of Chairman and asked if there were any other nominations.
      There being none Richard is appointed as the new Chairman.

    • Vice Chairman

      Glenys Kill is willing to carry on as vice chairperson.

    • Treasurer

      Andrew Forbes was willing to carry on as treasurer.

    • Club Secretary

      Paul Stone was willing to carry on as Secretary and would also represent the club on the village hall users committee.

    • Programme Secretary

      Steve Day offered to take over this vacant role which was accepted.

    • Internal Competition’s Secretary.

      Claude said she was willing to continue but needed back-up for when she was away. Mike Woolcock said he would continue in this role.

    • External Competition’s Secretary.

      Tony said he would continue as External Competitions Secretary with Jenny working alongside.

    • Publicity Secretary.

      Michael Wood said that he would be willing to take on this vacant role.

    • Database Administrator.

      Philip Trew will carry on in this role with Mike Woolcock to help with the PDI and Print of the Year competitions and the competitions website.

    • Training Co-ordinator.

      Neil Clifton agreed to continue in this role.

    • Members Representatives.

      Jenny Hart agreed to become a new member of the committee. Bryan Hare will also continue to be a committee member.

  • Proposals.

    Geoff explained there were seven proposals which had been circulated to all members by email before the meeting.

    • Proposal 1 - Discussion Point #1: Increase in membership fees
      It is proposed to increase the club’s membership fees by £3.
      This was proposed and seconded by the committee.

      Club subscriptions will increase to £35 per full season from next September.
      Half price subscriptions will continue to apply for those joining after 1st January.

    • Proposal 2 - Discussion Point #1: Lower Minimum joining age to 16.
      Proposed by Geoff Lambert & seconded by Carol Veitch.

      The club's minimum age for joiners will be reduced to 16.
      16 to 18 year olds will have a discounted subscription of £20 per season.

    • Proposal 3 - Discussion Point #2 POTY next year is to have a new category - Creativity
      This was proposed by Jenny Hart & seconded by Claude Trew

      There will be a Creative category in the POTY competitions next year.

    • Proposal 4 - Discussion point #3: Recyclable Cups
      It is proposed that the club address the problem of 40 /50 cups per meeting being thrown away in the bin because they are not recyclable.
      At present a box of 1000 of the cups in use cost £23 This will go up as the government is cracking down on non-recyclable cups .
      Ideas are welcome as to how we can address this waste for the future we have enough cups to last till the end of this season and begin next season It would be good to have a plan in place .

      This was proposed by Jenny Rowney & seconded by Paul Stone.

      The Club will investigate compostable replacements for the current single use plastic cups we use for tea and coffee. Jennifer Rowney is pursuing this.

    • Proposal 5 - Discussion point #4: Stop telling the Judges which League the images are from  
      Far too often I hear the comment from judges, which goes something like this “ League One so this is where I’ve got to get serious”  or words along those lines.  They shouldn’t have to get serious or change in any way shape or form they are brought along and paid to Judge images irrespective whether they are from league one or two.
      Proposer: Samuel Dixon, Seconder: Chris Dixon

      Members voted not to disguise the League 1 or 2 category of images in competitions, but the distinction between the two will not be made obvious to the judge. 

    • Proposal 6 - Discussion point #5: Enter the same image into each competition
      This image should be a “ purposefully poor image".  It should have nothing on the ~ Rule of Thirds, ~ Have, No leading lines ~ the horizon should be just off kilter and the focus should be just a bit Out!  In fact, everything within the image should be “ Not Quite Right”.  By entering such an image we as a club for once will be able to see and hear how good a judge actually is and if he awards the ~ ’Not Quite Right’  ~  a SEVEN or above then we’ll know on the night just how good a judge he or she is.
      Proposer: Samuel Dixon, Seconder: Chris Dixon.

      The proposal to provide a 'test image' in each competition to assess the judge was rejected. It was noted, however, that judges who are clearly inconsistent in comments and scores, or who give concern in other aspects, will be marked as such in the programme secretary's list and not invited again.

    • Proposal 7 - Discussion point #6: Report on Judges
      I read or heard somewhere that the SCPF would like to get camera clubs rating of Judges. Do we do this and if so how? If not I think we should. 

      We could get a random 5 members to rate each Judge and then collate them and send them in. By making it random for 5 people each time over a season most people will get a go at rating the quality/consistency of our judges which I'm sure both they and the SCPF would appreciate.
      Proposer: Chris Dixon, Seconder: Samuel Dixon.

      It was stated that Horndean have supplied judge feedback on two occasions, as requested by the judges. The SCPF are now asking for feedback on all level 1 judges, so we will abide by this. Chris Dixon will act as coordinator for a small group to provide feedback after each competition, and will coordinate that feedback onto the appropriate form to go back to the SCPF. Steve Day and Richard Veitch, as the new and retiring Programme Secretaries, will provide information on which judges are level 1
  • AOB.

    • Club Exhibition(s).
      HCC will be putting on an Exhibition at the Horndean & Clanfield village fairs this summer, We have reserved a ‘table’ (a 10m x 5m marquee) at Clanfield to hold Prints can be displayed, no PDI’s.

    • Walk About
      This years walkabout will take place at Southsea on 23rd. May, 2018.

    • Print Display at Cowplain
      Malcolm Curd requested that anyone that does not wish their prints to be displayed to let him know so that we meet with the Data Protection Act.

    • Safari
      This year’s Safari is to be held on Sunday 10th. June, 2018.

    • Set Subject Competitions.

      Print - Whatever the Weather

      PDI - Creative & Abstract Images

The meeting closed at 2210.

Minutes recorded by Club Secretary Paul Stone.