Junior Camera Club

Calling all budding young photographers!

Horndean Junior Camera Club to be launched.

Most youngsters can pick up a camera and take a picture these days, and the instant satisfaction of seeing the image on the screen and perhaps sending it around the world on social media can be a source of pride and enjoyment. However, there’s so much more fun to be had when you know a few of the basics and techniques for producing good pictures!

Horndean Camera Club will be launching a Junior Camera Club for young photographers in the South Hants area later this summer. The group is intended for boys and girls from 10 years old upwards, and will introduce members to all the basic principles of photography together with lots of practical experience.

The Chairman of Horndean Camera Club, Geoff Lambert, said “our main club’s programme is not really suited to young people, so we have been looking for ways to start a Junior sub-section of the club which can be focussed solely on their needs and start them on their way to a fascinating, creative and rewarding hobby.

Thanks to a grant from East Hants District Council specifically for this purpose, we can now equip and run such a club. We have bought a quantity of suitable cameras and a printer that can produce instant photo prints during the sessions. Other equipment will be made available from the main club. Apart from the expertise of our own photographers we will also have the benefit of experienced teachers of photography to help plan and run the new junior group.

We will be able to have up to a dozen members and will meet on the first Saturday morning of each month (with bank holiday variations) at the Community Centre at Havant Academy in Wakefords Way, Havant, PO9 5JD, starting on Saturday September 3rd. We plan to have indoor theory sessions and demonstrations, and indoor and outdoor photo shoots in the Academy grounds and in nearby facilities such as Staunton Park Gardens. Members will work on projects and be able to carry prints and picture files home, and to bring in photos taken at home. The youngsters’ work will be shown at the main club meetings from time to time and will attract awards for the best pictures. We hope also to have occasional wider ranging field trips, with parental support. To my knowledge, there is no other club of this type in the South Hants area”.

Anyone interested in joining the Junior Camera Club can contact Geoff by email at jcc@horndeancameraclub.co.uk, or by text or phone on 07831 461552.