Information 2019/20 Season

Club Rules for the 2019/20 Season

Horndean Camera Club – Rules


1 The club shall be called the ‘Horndean Camera Club’.


2 The objectives of the club are to promote the interests of photography among its members.

Venue and meetings

3 Meetings are held in Catherington Village Hall, Catherington Lane, Waterlooville, PO8 0TD on Wednesday evenings at 7.30pm for a 7.45pm start. Meetings are held each week from September to May with a break over the Christmas period. Informal social meets are held monthly in June-Aug at a local pub.

4 The programme of events is distributed to existing members prior to the start of the season and to new members on joining.


5 Membership is open to anyone who is interested in photography, members under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian at all club events.

6 Details of membership, subscription and competitions are held on computer, it is a condition of membership of the Club that members agree to this. The data will be held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

7 The Committee reserves the right to refuse or review any individual’s membership at any time.

8 The Committee may award Life Membership.

9 Membership lapses on 31st August and is then subject to renewal for the following year, with the exception of Life Members.

10 A copy of the Club Rules shall be made available to all new members on joining the Club and to all members following any authorised amendments or additions.


11 Annual subscriptions are set at the AGM; Life Membership is subscription free.


12 The Club committee consists of: -
· Chairperson
· Vice – Chairperson
· General Secretary
· Treasurer
· Internal Competition Secretary
· External Competition Secretary
· Two Programme Secretaries
· Publicity Secretary
· Database Administrator

Conditions of Office

13 The election of committee members shall take place at the Annual General Meeting, the election taking effect from the start of the following season.

14 One member may hold up to two of the positions.

15 Each Programme Secretary holds office for two seasons, the two positions overlapping by one season. During the first season the duty is to plan the programme for the following season, during the second it is to administer it.

16 Other positions are held for one season, when they shall be resigned. Members may stand for re-election indefinitely except that the Chairperson may not serve for more than two consecutive seasons except by special dispensation of the members at the AGM.

17 Five members of the committee shall constitute a quorum.

Committee Conduct

18 The Chairperson shall preside at Club and Committee meetings unless absent, when the Vice Chairperson shall deputise. In the absence of both the General Secretary will preside. Otherwise the members present shall elect one of their number to act as Chairperson.

19 The Chairperson will not vote at meetings save where there is a requirement for a casting vote.

20 A minimum of one Committee meeting shall be held each season; further meetings being at the discretion of the Chairperson.

21 Minutes of Committee meetings shall be produced and circulated to Committee Members and be made available to Club Members.

22 The Committee may form Sub-committees if deemed necessary.

23 The Committee may co-opt a member to fill any vacancy; such member will have full voting rights.

Selection Committee

24 The Selection Committee (SC) is responsible for the selection of members work to be entered into any external competitions or exhibitions entered by the Club.

25 The SC consists of three members each serving for three seasons and in the third season assuming the role of Chairperson of the SC.

26 SC members are elected at the AGM, one position becoming vacant each year. In the event of a member being unable to complete the three year term the HCC Committee will appoint a replacement.

27 Responsibility for liaison between the Club Committee and the SC is vested in the External Competition Secretary.

28 The Chairperson of the SC shall provide reports to the Club Committee as deemed necessary.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

29 The AGM shall be held towards the end of the Club season usually in May.

30 The AGM shall: -
· Receive and approve the minutes of the preceding AGM.
· Receive the reports of the Committee including a statement of accounts for the preceding year duly audited.
· Approve the selection of Auditor for the season.
· Debate and decide by vote on any agenda item proposals.
· Conduct election for Club Committee and Selection Committee as necessary.

31 Items for inclusion as proposals in the Agenda must be notified to the Club Committee two weeks ahead of the AGM.

Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)

32 An EGM may be held at any time at the discretion of the Club Committee.

Amendments to Club Rules

33 Alterations or additions to these rules shall be subject to approval at an AGM or EGM.


34 The committee shall wind-up and dissolve the Club in the event of a two thirds majority decision at an AGM or EGM or the number of member falling below six.

35 On dissolution the Committee shall: -
· Sell the assets of the Club and after settling all liabilities donate any remaining fund to the Disabled Photographers Society.
· Notify the Southern Photographic Federation.
· Draw up and send a copy of the final account to the Inland Revenue.

Competition Rules - General

36 The term ‘image’ is used throughout to mean Prints or Projected Digital Image (PDI)

37 Separate competitions are held for Prints and PDI.

38 Prints may be home or laboratory processed and derived from any process to produce a photographic image on paper.

39 Print entries shall be mounted on card or in window mounts, as defined in Annex A, the maximum dimensions of which are 500mm by 400mm overall, and shall have the title and entrants name clearly marked on the back. The title must have the same orientation as the image to avoid any confusion as to the orientation of a print when being displayed.
Note: - 500mm by 400mm is the required size for mounted prints to be submitted for interclub and Southern Photographic Federation competitions and for use in the Hospital displays supported by the club.

40 Projected Digital Images shall conform to the entry requirement as defined in Annex B these requirements will vary over time as technology progresses. PDI may be derived from any photographic based source e.g. file from digital camera, digitised transparency, re-photographed or scanned print etc.

41 Images must be completely the original work of the entrant, of recent origin and not previously entered in any previous League competitions

42 By entering an image in a club competition the member is agreeing to the use of such image on the club website and to making that image available for selection for use in SPF and interclub competitions; the copyright remains with the member.

43 An image may only be entered either as a print or a PDI not both.

Competition entry and Judging

44 Entry for both Print and PDI competitions is by uploading a JPEG image of your entry to the club's competition web site. Images must be uploaded by no later than one week ahead ofthe competition date.

45 Your physical prints for print competitions must be handed in to the Competition Secretary no later than one week ahead of the competition.

46 Access details for the club's competition web site will be emailed to new members at the start of their membership.

47 The acceptance of entries other than one week ahead of the competition is solely at the discretion of the Competition Secretary and such arrangements must be made on a case-by-case basis.

48 Judging of competitions will be, wherever possible, by an independent judge. Marking will be a maximum of 10 points with half points permissible. Certificates of Merit are awarded solely at the discretion of the Judge.

49 Anonymity of image title and identity of entrant will be maintained; only the Competition Secretary, print presenter and/or projectionist are permitted to handle images before judging takes place.

50 The title only will be announced as images are presented to the Judge.

League Competitions

51 There are separate League competitions for Prints and PDI. There are two Leagues for each competition.

52 Members, on commencing to enter competitions, will automatically be classed as League 2; should a new member be an experienced photographer they will be invited to submit a representative sample of their work (min 6 prints) to the Selection Committee who will determine the appropriate league.

53 At the end of the year the members with the top three scores in League 2 will move up to League 1. The bottom three in League 1, with the exception of any member who has ever won the League 1 trophy, will move down.

54 Entrants are permitted up to two entries for each round of League competitions. An image cannot be enterd as both a Print and PDI. An image cannot be entered both as Monochrome and Colour either in one category or across Print and PDI. Note in Competition 6 your lowest scoring images from the previous five competitions can be resubmitted as one of your two entries with alterations in line with the judges comments.

55 Each League consists of five ‘Open’ and one set subject competitions, the print and PDI competitions being held on successive Wednesdays.

56 The set subject is the same for both Leagues and is chosen by vote at the preceding AGM the winner of the Set Subject (Prints) is awarded the Ron Gilles Cup and PDI the Rowney Cup.

57 The winner of the respective League is determined by the entrant having the greatest total from their best 7 scores achieved (from a maximum of 12 entries) in that League.

58 In the event of a tie the winner is determined by successively taking a smaller number of best scores (best of 6, best of 5….) until a winner emerges. Failing this the trophy is awarded jointly.

59 Trophies are awarded for the winners of:
Prints League 1
Print League 2
PDI League 1
PDI League 2

Print/PDI of the year

60 Separate competitions for Print and PDI will be held with the same form and entry requirements, both Prints and PDI entries are classless for this competition.

61 Images must have appeared in a League competition during the current season, non League images cannot be used. Alteration of an Image as the result of judges’ comments in a previous submission is permitted.

62 There will be five categories, judged separately: -
· Flora and Fauna
· Portrait
· Landscape
· Open
· Creative

63 A member may enter up to a total of six images from this years League to be divided among the categories at their discretion. ( i.e. six images may be entered in a single category or one in each or any combination between).

64 A panel of three judges awarding marks out of five will carry out judging of each category in turn. The entry will be awarded the total marks from the three judges.

65 For each category the highest mark will be the winner, in the event of a tie the judges will choose the winner at their discretion. That entry will be awarded the trophy for that category.

66 On the completion of the judging of the five categories the judges will select an overall winner from the five category winners to be awarded the Print/PDI of the year trophy. (Note: Set Subject is not included)

67 Trophies to be awarded are: -
· Flora & Fauna (Prints) Reg Watson Cup
· Portrait (Prints) Haswell Trophy
· Landscape (Prints) Clements Cup
· Open (Prints) Steadman Trophy
· Creative (Prints) Cathy Weston Goblet
· Set Subject (Prints) Ron Gillies Cup
· Print of the Year Gales Cup

· Flora & Fauna (PDI) Barn Owl trophy
· Portrait (PDI) Portrait Cup PDI
· Landscape(PDI) PDI Landscape Cup
· Open (PDI) John Urry Cup
· Creative (PDI) Tom Weston Goblet
· Set Subject (PDI) Rowney Cup
· Digital Image of the Year Dentten Cup

Chairperson’s Challenge

68 One competition is held each season the subject for which is determined by the Chairperson. This is a non-league competition. The form of the competition and number of entries permitted is also at the Chairperson’s discretion. The winning entry is awarded the Colab Trophy.


69 A local photographic safari outing is run at the end of the season, the form and rules for which are decided by the Programme Secretary. A trophy Elephant is awarded to the winning entry during the following season.

Chairperson’s Award

70 A cup is awarded at the Chairperson’s discretion to a member in recognition of their contribution to the Club.

Annex A
Requirements for Print entries

71 Print entries shall be mounted on card or in window mounts.

72 The maximum mount dimensions shall be 500mm by 400mm overall.

73 The title and entrants name shall be clearly marked on the back. The title must have the same orientation as the image to avoid any confusion as to the orientation of a print when being displayed.

74 Note: - 500mm by 400mm is the required size for mounted prints to be submitted for interclub and Southern Photographic Federation competitions/exhibitions. Other smaller sizes are acceptable for Club competition but will not be eligible for selection for external competition unless re-mounted as above.

75 For selection purposes digital copies of prints are maintained on a Club Database. In order to facilitate this, digital files should accompany print entries as defined in Annex B.

76 Entry for print competitions is through a sized titled JPEG image (see 45/46 above)

Annex B
Requirements for PDI images and PDI/Print entries

77 PDI competition entries and digital copies of print entries are sized and titled JPEGs emailed to ‘’ (see 45/46 above)

78 Image size must fit within a maximum pixel count of 1400 pixels wide by 1050 pixels high. Note: - ‘portrait’ format images must also comply meaning that ‘portraits’ can only be a maximum of 1050 pixels high. The club digital projector defines the current resolution; this may well change in the future as equipment is upgraded.