Last Season (2019 / 20)

  • 2019/20 Trophy Images

    These are images from the Print/PDI of the Year competitions which won trophies in the various categories.
    • Flora and Fauna
    • Landscape
    • Open.
    • Print
    • Set Subject
  • Print and PDI of the Year Galleries

    The criteria for judging POY differs from the judging in the League. In the League images are closely scrutinised and usually judged on a combination of quality and content. For Print/PDI of the year a panel of judges gives an instant opinion for each image so the criteria is mostly impact. As a result the top pictures in POY can be quite different from the top images in the League. To enable you to get an idea of the criteria the POY panel uses here are some of their top choices split by category
  • 2019/20 Our Images

    Image Galleries from last year
  • Other Competitions...,

    Safari and Chairman's Challenge