SCPF PDI League 21/22 Entries and Results

Our Club (HCC) is one of about 60 club which are members of the Southern Counties Photographic Federation (SCPF). These images are entered into an inter-Club League Competition run by the SCPF. The clubs are split into divisions and for PDI we currently compete within Division 3.

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Round 1

Havant   8 points
Horndean 7 points
Petersfield 6 points
Boscombe 5 points
Wimborne 4 points
Guernsey 3 points
Ringwood 2 points
Blandford Forum 1 point

We received the same marks as Havant, but on count-back they were awarded first place.

Round 2

Wimborne 8 points
Horndean 7 points
Blandford 6 points
Boscombe 5 points
Havant 4 points
Petersfield 3 points
Guernsey 2 points
Ringwood 1 point

Round 3

Round 4