D. General Meetings

  1. Annual General Meeting (AGM)
    1. (29)The AGM shall be held towards the end of the Club season usually in May.

    2. (30) The AGM shall: –
      • Receive and approve the minutes of the preceding AGM.
      • Receive the reports of the Committee including a statement of accounts for the preceding year duly audited.
      • Approve the selection of Auditor for the season.
      • Debate and decide by vote on any agenda item proposals.
      • Conduct election for the Committee as necessary.
    3. (31) Items for inclusion as proposals in the Agenda duly proposed and seconded must be notified to the Club Committee two weeks ahead of the AGM.
  2. Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)
    1. (32) An EGM may be held at any time at the discretion of the Club Committee.
  3. Amendments to Club Rules
    1. (33)Alterations or additions to these rules shall be subject to approval at an AGM or EGM.
  4. Dissolution
    1. (34) The committee shall wind-up and dissolve the Club in the event of a two thirds majority decision at an AGM or EGM or the number of member falling below six.

    2. (35) On dissolution the Committee shall:
      • Sell the assets of the Club and after settling all liabilities donate any remaining fund to the Disabled Photographers Society.
      • Notify the Southern Photographic Federation.
      • Draw up and send a copy of the final account to the Inland Revenue.