F. External Competitions

  1. “3 Hs” Competition Rules
    1. This competition is a 3-way battle held annually between Havant, Hayling and Horndean Camera Clubs for possession of the “Battle Beaker” donated by Mr John Gerard Carter formally a member of Hayling Camera Club.
    2. Responsibility for hosting the competition passes from club to club on a rotating basis.
    3. Each Club provides for the competition, 10 prints and 10 digital images for projection. Mounting must comply with SCPF rules.
    4. Print mounts to be 40cm x 50cm. Digital Images in JPEG format, with a sRGB colour space, can be either, up to, but not exceeding 1400 x 1050px with a maximum height of 1050px or up to, but not exceeding 1600 x 1200px with a maximum height of 1200px. The host club will specify which size they require for their projection equipment.
    5. The total entry for each club (Prints and Digital images) must contain no more than 2 images from a club member.
    6. An Individual may represent only one club.
    7. The following categories of images are INELIGIBLE, but otherwise there are no restrictions.
      • Images from the Clubs current SCPF Print and PDI League entries.
      • Images used in a previous “3Hs” competition.
      • A reprocessed version of a previously used image.
    8. The Host Club arranges :-
      • The judge (at least SCPF accredited Level 2) for the competition.
      • The date, time and venue and to inform the visiting clubs.
    9. Marking is as for league competitions. The winning club is the one with the highest combined marks for print plus PDI.
    10. The winning Club takes immediate possession of the Trophy and is responsible for:-
      • Arranging Engraving (Club Name and Year of competition).
      • Bringing the trophy to the next competition.
    11. Alterations to these rules may be suggested at any time but will not be incorporated until unanimous agreement is reached by all 3 Clubs.