Covid rules for meetings

Dear all,

we have just had a Committee Meeting at which the current Government Guidelines for COVID, ( and comments received by you Member Representatives were discussed. The outcome of this meeting was as follows:-

  1. All members attending meetings in Catherington Village Hall are to be free of COVID symptoms before attending a meeting. You may need to do a Lateral Flow Test if you are not sure.
  2. Chairs will be spaced out with no more than 3 chairs per row on each side of the hall.  Members are not to move the chairs around, unless they are in a family group.
  3. Members to sign in on arrival. So that should anyone report having COVID we can contact you. (See point 9)
  4. Masks to be worn when moving around the hall. Spare masks will be provided as you sign in.
  5. Alternate windows will be open throughout the meeting and blinds will not be pulled down.  Dress for the weather!
  6. Members are to take their name badges home with them.
  7. At the end of the meeting members are to wipe down their own chair before stacking it away.  Wipes and Hand Sanitiser will be provided.
  8. Tables and other equipment used during the evening will be wiped down at the end of the meeting.  Please help if you can, don’t leave it to the committee!
  9. Any member who tests positive for COVID within 48 hours of attending a meeting must inform a committee member.
  10. We will keep zoom for those members/speakers who do not wish to attend in person.
  11. Covid rules will be kept under review and will be in line with Government guidance.

Our aim is to make the Hall as safe as possible so that you can feel comfortable and enjoy our meetings.

Cheers Chris