Creative Group


The creative group is for club members who wish develop and progress their
image making through imaginative and artistic approaches to picture creation.

The group will operate mainly online by the sharing of images and
constructive appraisal of set visual projects. Help sheets will be provided.
Some meetings at Lovedean Village Hall will be arranged if requested.

Topics to include:

  1. Taking photographs – Creative use of shutter speed and aperture; ICM
    (intentional camera movement); composition; viewpoint selection; exploiting
    perspective with wide angle & telephoto lenses; using the visual elements
    (e.g. line, shape, pattern, texture etc.); Referencing inspiring and iconic 20th
    Century photographers and painters.
  2. Post-capture editing and manipulation – image selection; basic editing /
    cropping; monochrome conversions; using layers and layer masks; layer
    blending modes; photomontage; simulating blur; sepia toning; silhouettes;
    symmetry; image editing plugins; graphic imagery.

You can see the sort of Images we create here