MW Test 1

What are we like?

Of course, being a camera club, the thing that binds us together is a common interest in photography, and the practice of photography. That goes without saying. But this alone doesn’t tell you very much about the kind of people we are, or give you any way to assess whether Horndean Camera Club is somewhere that you would feel at home.

There are many camera clubs and photographic societies in the south of England, and many of them achieve a very high level of photographic excellence. Unfortunately, all too often, this is realised in an atmosphere of stuffy formality.

There are also many clubs that are a pleasure to visit because the air of friendliness and informality that they exude makes the experience a joy. However, this comradeship often eats away at the competitive edge that produces the best photographic work.

So, then, it is a question of balance. Here at Horndean we believe that we have found the secret, and it can best be expressed thus: “We take our photography seriously, without taking ourselves seriously at the same time”.